About/Info ICIW

The Iowa Correctional Institution for Women is a medium/minimum security prison.
ICIW houses offenders in its dorm-like living units and celled housing.

ICIW provides educational and vocational services to offenders including Adult Basic Education, special education for eligible individuals, G. E. D., and high school diploma certification. Internal work assignments and vocational training courses provide vocational training opportunities. An Iowa Prison Industries also provides on-site vocational training. The institution emphasizes responsibility and accountability in preparing women offenders for successful Re-Entry to the community.

Programs offered focus on interpersonal relationships, domestic violence, career assessment and exploration, self-esteem, parenting, independent living, decision-making skills , victim impact, thinking patterns, and health education. A substance abuse prevention, assessment, and referral program is licensed by the Iowa Department of Public Health. The facility also houses an in-patient substance abuse treatment program

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Volunteers provide a wide range of services to the women and staff at ICIW. Whether it is to volunteer to work in the religious library or teaching a treatment/cognitive based class, the time volunteers provide show the true meaning of dedication to the community. We welcome you to take a look at the current opportunities for volunteer services. If there are any questions regarding the opportunities at ICIW, or you would like to discuss a new program, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator

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“Reentry” is all about helping Offenders make the transition back to society as smooth and successful as possible.  

Each woman is asked about her Reentry plan within her first few days of arriving at ICIW.  She is encouraged to establish plans in areas such as housing, substance abuse services, mental health services, pursuit of further education, and obtaining employment.  Having a plan in place lends itself to less anxiety upon return to the community as well as shorter wait times for services to begin after release.

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