“Reentry” is all about helping Offenders make the transition back to society as smooth and successful as possible.  

Over 90% of the women incarcerated in Iowa will be released at some point in time and return to the community.  Most of these women want to follow the law and stay out of prison.  “Reentry” is all about helping these women make the transition as smoothly and successfully as possible. 

Each woman is asked about her Reentry plan within her first few days of arriving at ICIW.  She is encouraged to establish plans in areas such as housing, substance abuse services, mental health services, pursuit of further education, and obtaining employment.  Having a plan in place lends itself to less anxiety upon return to the community as well as shorter wait times for services to begin after release.


ICIW has a variety of programs and resources available to assist each woman with her Reentry planning.  The following are a few examples:

  • Iowa Workforce Development computer lab and job preparation classes.
  • Extensive listing of statewide community resources available to the women to browse and initiate contact.
  • Resource Fairs held several times yearly for women to meet in person with community agencies.
  • Written verification of skills used in prison jobs.  Women can show this verification to potential employers in the community to demonstrate they meet qualifications.
  • Supervised trips to the community to acclimate eligible long-term Offenders with society.
  • Supervised picnics for eligible women to socialize with family and friends in a community setting.
  • Female Co-Occurring Treatment and Reentry Program.
  • Mentoring programs to match women with a mentor in the community prior to release.
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