Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interesting in volunteering at the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women in Mitchellville Iowa. We recognize the impact volunteers have on the women incarcerated in the state of Iowa and without volunteers, the Department of Corrections would not be successful in promoting a positive re-entry to the community.

Volunteers provide a wide range of services to the women and staff at ICIW. Whether it is volunteer to work in the religious library or teaching a treatment based course- volunteers show the true meaning of dedication to the community.

We welcome you to take a look at the current opportunities for volunteer services. If there are any questions regarding the opportunities at ICIW, or you would like to discuss a new program, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Best regards,

Samantha Tucker, Volunteer Coordinator

Iowa Correctional Institution for Women



Current volunteer opportunities:

Religious Library Volunteer: Assist offenders in checking out religious materials in the religious library.

Instructors to teach treatment based programming. The Iowa Department of Corrections recognizes and promotes evidence based practices.

The need for recreational volunteers will grow after the completion of construction in 2015.

Volunteer Process

  1. Request information regarding volunteer openings-
    1. The volunteer coordinator will determine if there is a need for the service you are requesting to volunteer for. Example-If you want to volunteer for a craft activity and the volunteer spots are full, you will be given a list of the current openings for volunteer positions.
    2. Volunteer opportunities are limited to a particular number for each group.
    3. ICIW will discuss new program/volunteer opportunities as time and staff availability allows.
  1. Once the need has been established, you will be sent a volunteer application. Please fill this form out, and submit back to the Volunteer Coordinator, Samantha Tucker by email (Samantha.tucker@iowa.gov)
    1. Depending on staff availability. Your application can take 2-4 weeks to process.
  1. Once you have been cleared through security, you will be invited to attend New Volunteer Orientation. This is mandatory for all volunteers. Volunteer Orientation typical occurs every month. You will have 3 months to complete orientation. There are no weekend sessions at ICIW.
    1. Refresher courses will need to be completed every two years, or every one year via Webinar.
  1. At orientation, you will have your picture taken and receive your volunteer ID. You are not permitted to enter the institution without your Volunteer ID at any time.
  1. You will work with the volunteer coordinator on your schedule of the activity you are volunteering for.
  1. Every volunteer is required to attend an activity at least every 6 months. ICIW will track this based on the volunteer sign in sheet in the reception area. Please remember to sign in and out every day you are on site. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to remain active. You may re-apply if you have been taken off the volunteer list due to inactivity.

Any questions regarding this process may be directed to the Volunteer Coordinator.




ICIW Volunteer NEEDS

The Iowa Correctional Institution for Women is the only correctional setting for Women in the State of Iowa. Over 95% of the women incarcerated at Mitchellville, will return to the community. They may be your next co-worker, neighbor, or even a member of your family. Volunteer programs are one of the most effective ways to introduce pro-social behavior into the correctional setting. At ICIW, volunteers provide over 100 hours of activities per week. Volunteers are responsible for providing all religious programming, AA, NA, mother support groups, treatment classes, Art Program, and many many more.

ICIW is currently looking to fill the following needs within the volunteer program. We are always looking to expand programming that will assist with the self-esteem, wellness, and re-entry of the women at Mitchellville.

Foreign Language-— ICIW is currently looking for a volunteer who can teach beginner Spanish lessons. This program is not designed to have offenders become fluent in Spanish- but to promote diversity and give them an additional skill when entering the workplace.

Grief counseling– (non-hospice) Seeking qualified individuals to provide grief services to the women at ICIW. This may include when an offender who has lost the rights to their children, which resurfaces trauma, etc.

Physical Activity sponsors– Seeking volunteers to provide support to wellness activities- jogging/running groups, Pilates, Zumba, yoga, meditation, volleyball and basketball tournaments, weight management, quit smoking etc.

Library volunteers are needed to assist the Activity Specialist in providing additional open hours to the women seeking to read, study, research legal questions and or prepare for class instruction.

Community sponsors– Seeking individuals to provide assistance to the women regarding family reunification and ongoing ┬áre-entry planning for the community to include an ongoing plan for reuniting women and their children. This program will show offenders how to re-enter the community with their families and become active members of society. This individual will also bring resources to the women to show them how they can become active in recreational activities for minimal cost. ┬áThis may include assisting the Social Worker, Activity Specialist and Re-entry Coordinator with Kids Day activities to support the family programs as well.

Public Health Educators: Seeking qualified individuals to provide monthly educational seminars on public health trends. This will allow the offenders to receive information on public health issues such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, obesity, asthma, etc.

Co-facilitator for treatment based programing– Seeking individuals to co-facilitate programming (Thinking for a Change, Family in Transition (FIT), Mother Support and Kids Day activities, Moving On, and Helping Women Recover and Seeking Safety) This individual will collaborate with a correctional counselor in providing the course. After the initial 12 week program- the volunteer will facilitate the class. In addition, this may be an opportunity to partner with IowaCasa (Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault) and ICADV(Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence) to teach follow up or booster session classes using beyond trauma, beyond violence and the beyond anger curriculum.

Note-For some classes the Department of Corrections will sponsor training, some of this commitment for certain classes may be a one time two day or week long training commitment. Moving On, Seeking Safety, and Thinking for Change may require specific training.